WhizExpress Mobile Apps

WhizExpress iphone App

WhizExpress is an intelligent smart phone application that configures all address book contacts with
"1-Click Dialing" to enable hassle free global calling without having to remember long international
access numbers.

WhizExpress automatically configures all your contacts with "International Access Numbers
+ Destination number" in the background saving a lot of time for your global calls.

Unified Communication

  • Brings People & Results Together
  • Compatible with Global Telecommunication Networks
  • Discounted Long Distance Calling

Connect Anywhere

  • Fast, Easy & Convenient
  • Make Cheap International Calls Anywhere
    in the world
  • Say Good Bye to Expensive Roaming Services

Easy to Use

  • World Class 24/7 Customer Support Team
  • Finest International Voice Carrier Quality
  • Say Good Bye to Expensive Roaming Services


  • Instant International Dialing with just 1-Click
  • No data connection required to trigger calls
  • Installs in Seconds with Instant Activation
  • Affordable International Call Charges
  • Configures all Smart Phone Contacts Automatically
  • Affordable International Calls while Roaming Internationally

How to install

  • Visit the following url from your iPhone smart phone mobile browser.
  • Install the application and open the application from your iPhone device download folder
  • Configure your Access Number
  • Add Talk Time Credit to your Account
  • Once you have configured and validated your account credentials, save and hide your WhizXpress application to run in the background.


  • No WhizXpress is definitely not the conventional speed dial feature and configures all the contacts on your iPhone in the following format at one go:
  • You can add multiple locations based International Access Numbers like US, UK, Canada etc. Simply go to your WhizXpress application from your iPhone settings and update the default access number.
  • WhizXpress automatically configures your iPhone contacts to dial the newly updated international access number followed by the destination number.