WhizCall Mobile Apps


The Latest Version of WhizCall for Blackberry


  1. Step 1 WhizCall International Call Back Services from WhizMeeting.Com Unified Conferencing Solution collaborates in bridging remote conversations across your customers, colleagues and new prospects at rock bottom prices with a whole range of dependable variants suitable not just for your Blackberry smart phone but any other conventional mobile phone with data connectivity to trigger an instant international call.
  2. Step 2 WhizCall Blackberry application is a simple easy to use international call back services trigger that guarantees a world of convenience and savings for all your international calls, more feasible well you are on the go, while you are on international roaming. The installation takes less than a second and once activated all your Blackberry contacts will be configured with the “Call via WhizCall” option.
  3. Step 3 Therefore, the next time you want to make an international call from your Blackberry, simply chose the desired contact from your Blackberry and trigger an international call back to your default call back number. Once the call is answered on your end, you will be instantly connected to the desired destination number and save a fortune for all your international calls.
  4. Step 4 Simply add the desired contact number in the required field and trigger an instant call back to your mobile phone and save a fortune with your international calls. Furthermore, WhizCall non-Blackberry solution also offers you the flexibility to trigger an instant PC-to-Phone call using your mobile phone browser or your web browser.
  5. Step 5 WhizCall automatically configures all contacts on your smart phone address book with “Call via WhizCall”
  6. Step 6 WhizCall App is installed on your smart phone and you can enjoy calling like never before!
  • Change Call Back No. At Any Time
  • Ideal for World Travelers
  • Zero International Roaming Charges
  • Affordable International Call Rates
  • High Quality Call Connections
  • No monthly Rental or Connection Fees
  • Online Account Management
How to install
  • Visit the following URL http://www.whizmeeting.com/whizcall from your Blackberry smart phone mobile browser
  • Click “” to download & install WhizCall Blackberry App
  • WhizCall Automatically configures all contacts on your Blackberry with “Call via WhizCall”
  • WhizCall App now is installed and ready for action
How to make a call
  • Select the destination contact number from your Blackberry Address Book
  • Click “Call via WhizCall” from the options available
  • WhizCall App calls your default call back number first
  • Once the call is answered, WhizCall triggers another call to the desired contact
  • WhizCall App connects both the caller and the receiver