Add Magic to Your Call

WhizCall Call Back services offers international calling at affordable prices for your smart phones like an iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

  • Keep the Same Phone Number
  • International Calling while Roaming
  • Over 1000 Global Destinations

What is WhizCall

WhizCall Apps are smart phone application that enables international call back services that guarantees a world of convenience and savings for your international calls and while roaming internationally.

How it works

Make an international call using WhizCall select the desired contact from your smart phone address book and chose “Call via WhizCall” to trigger an international call back to

What is WhizExpress

WhizExpress is an intelligent smart phone application that configures all address book contacts with "Call via WhizExpress" to enable hassle free global calling without having to remember long international access numbers.

How it works

WhizExpress automatically configures all your contacts with "International Access Numbers + Destination number" in the background saving a lot of time for your global calls.

How to install Apps

Enter your phone number to instantly receive the link to download WhizCall Apps for your smart phone ranging from a Blackberry, Android, iPhone or a Nokia/Other mobile phone. Point your device or smart phone browser to the following link: http://

Send us an SMS to 12345 and receive the link to install the WhizCall App on your smart phone